Modu consists of seven singers, making it Nomad's largest ensemble. The singers come together from different parts of Finland, so the group's sound resonates everywhere. The name of the group, Modu, is Korean and means "everyone" (모두). The name perfectly reflects the desire to unite everything into harmonious singing.

The magic of the group comes from artistic arrangements and the combination of various languages. Thanks to the predominantly male lineup, the audience gets to enjoy double bass frequencies. Japanese and Korean music production flows from the group's lips, stemming from everyone's passion for the world of movies and games.

Each singer has a long background in choir singing, and the ensemble members largely arrange their own songs individually and together. In addition to the music from the Moomins, Modu's songs feature intriguing combinations of folk music in original languages.

Juulia Karppi | soprano

Tiina Leskinen | mezzo-soprano

Emma Jämsén | alto

Jaakko Örmälä | tenor

Lasse Kettunen | bariton

Eero Lahtinen | bass

Vilppu Kekkonen | bass