Kuohu is a five-member a cappella vocal group from Tampere. The name of the group, Kuohu, refers to the bubbling of water. It reflects the group's sound, which is dynamic and full of expression. The members of the group are like waves in the water, rising and falling, but never losing their strength.

Each member of the group has a strong musical and performance background, and each brings their own unique expertise to the group. The singers' voices harmoniously blend different tones and soundscapes, creating a cohesive and captivating whole.

Kuohu's goal is to stay at the forefront and discover and create the most sparkling works of today, while also exploring their own style and bringing something new to classic works. The group strives to produce music and sound that touches people and combines it with intense and emotional performances that make the listener feel the power of music.

Ella Vähäpassi | soprano

Lale Cevirel | mezzo-soprano

Vilma Kivimäki | alto

Benjamin Klementtinen | tenor

Viljami Rosvall | bass